Enabling Solutions for a Changing Climate


Emergency generator failures were legion in the wake of superstorm Sandy: often, these were issues easily remedied by proper exercise and maintenance. By implementing turnkey, best-in-class maintenance, testing, and compliance, we help ensure that, should the grid go out, the lights stay on: improving tenant safety and comfort while eliminating costs and headaches for building management.


Air pollution from emergency generators is a serious health issue: in a power outage, constantly-running units can trigger lung and heart problems in local communities when they are least prepared to deal with them. Peak Power cleans up emergency generators via comprehensive, industry-leading pollution controls, reducing emissions (even without an outage) by a significant margin.


Peak Power is building the next generation of dispatchable demand resources, laying the foundation for a renewable-driven energy system that will dramatically lower systemic greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Increase the grid's agility in matching generation with energy demand.
  • Lay down the electrical and contractual infrastructure for ever-cleaner forms of on-demand power.
  • Enable more solar and wind power on the grid by addressing key "pain points" for these renewables.

Owners: Cut environmental risk
Capitalize on an evolving electric grid