Peak Power's investment solution delivers recurring revenue at no cost to NYC building owners, with major public benefits:


NYC Building owners

Participating building owners enjoy annual recurring revenue, driving a meaningful boost to NOI; upgraded infrastructure; and increased resiliency, at no cost, and with no tenant "brownouts." Strong candidate buildings typically feature the following:

  • 100,000+ square feet (total GLA)
  • 500+ kW peak use on common meter
  • Emergency generator onsite

Contact us and Peak Power can help determine if our solution is right for you.

Project investors

Tapping into the price signals rooted in the high public cost of NYC peak demand, Peak Power turns underused building assets into quality long-term investments:

  • $500k to $5mm invested per project
  • Low technology, operating risk
  • Upside potential in additional value-added services for host buildings
  • $1+ billion addressable NYC market

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public policy

About 15 percent of NYC's peak electric demand is used less than 7 days per year, despite requiring massive infrastructure: miles of power lines; costly distribution wires; inefficient "peaker" plants. A waste!

On top of compelling project economics, Peak Power reduces NYC's peak demand, yielding major public benefits.

Peak Power's projects improve NYC's resiliency, air quality, and affordability: core elements of our corporate mission.